Boro Furnaces

$ 2,500.00

We build a product that is designed to be superior to that already in the market place. You won’t be losing the money on lack of insulation, the elements last far longer, gasses do not eat at the elements and brick in the sealed chambers, and the support for the unit is done by another glass worker, not just a kiln builder.

All prices include the SCR controller package that increased element life by easing on the power to the element and providing just what is needed to make the temp change asked for.

Pots are sold separately through Northstar Glass, Glass Alchemy, or Engineered Ceramics
Order early to be sure the pots are in stock. Order by part number on your invoice only, your furnace runs ONLY that pot size.  Do not be talked into a pot of any other part number.  

30lb pots - (8" x 12") -  (sold by above vendors)

10lb pots- (6" x 8")   (sold by above vendors)

Elements- $75 each (first set is included in the purchase price) number of elements needed vary by chamber size.  The element numbers for your particular furnace are in your instructions or can be provided via email, or phone.

4 port 30lb pots- $5200 46 amps   
3 port 30lb pots- $4400 36 amps
2 port 30lb pots- $3900 32 amps
1 port 30lb pot- $3400 16 amps

4 port 10lb pots- $4200 36 amps
3 port 10lb pots- $3500 32 amps
2 port 10lb pots- $3000 24 amps
1 port 10lb pots- $2500 16 ampsI

1 port 80lb pot- $5700 36 amps
1 port 105lb pot0 $6200 48 amps

The build time on furnaces is 6-8 weeks. 

Builds are begun with a 50% deposit, with the remainder plus shipping and crating due at time of crating. Shipping is freight, charged at actual cost plus crating. Crating cost is $100-$150 based on size. Pick-ups are always welcome.



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