DPF Kiln Tap with cooling fan, liner, no rack wrapped skin, powdercoat

$ 4,740.00

DPF Kiln 240v 55amp, liner, no rack, wrapped skin, and powdercoat, Tap Controllers with fan

1 Custom Welded Steel Frame Side Hinged door 3ft w x 3ft d x 4 ft tall. Doors are latched close. Tap controllers are mounted on kiln. Preprogrammed ready to run. DFP stickers on front of control box and Glass Hive on the back. (retail for single unit is $6900, discount based on volume) Full cost $6200   50% $3100

1 Chamber venting Kiln not intended for use with flammable materials inside. Manual control on and off, not run from controller. Plenum cups placed in location that still allows forks to move kilns with a fork lift. Vent hose will have to be removed before moving Full cost $1000 50% $500 

1 Junior is arranging freight shipping. To do so from our end would add associated costs. 0 0 1 Crating Full-$150  50%$75

Main door lined with 1” fiber blanket Full-$80 50% $40

1 Set of upgraded elements and upgraded electrical inputs to accommodate new load of 55 amps.Full $250  50% $125 Thank you, Pam 

Wrapped body upgrade $250 50% $125
Tap Controller electronic parts upgrade $365  50% $187.50(not including controllers themselves, those are provided by Junior to us)

Powder coated- $575 50% $287.50(not counting shipping to and from)
Transportation- $200 50% $100

Tap controller fan add on and installation $200 (not charged on front end, full amount due)

3 Year warranty on frame, brick work, electronics package Damage due to flame up in chamber is not covered. Not intended for flammable materials in chamber. Elements not under warranty. Elements are purchased through Duralite.  Anticipate a week turnaround time. , Pam SALES TAX 0 SHIPPING & HANDLING DPF TOTAL $9070.00- 50% $4535.00