Short Guy Aluminum Body Kiln -

$ 790.00

Just as strong as our larger kilns, this is our smallest chamber size.  It is recommended for shorter work sessions, or smaller workspaces. This is a great choice for the beginning hobbyist. Running at a low amperage is easier to fit into energy efficient settings.   We customize your door, rest and programing to your glass working style. We can even adjust the shape for you in the same size range.  

Product Features:

  • Interior size: 6 1/2" deep x 9" wide x 4 1/2" tall
  • Exterior size including controller and mandrel rest: 14" deep x 18" wide x 12" tall
  • One 4" tall x 11" wide door with 1/4" gap for mandrels or rods
  • 4" deep x 11" wide mandrel rest/rod warming rest or 5" deep v groove tube rest.
  • Max Temp: 1500 F
  • 120 volts 8 amps, Plugs into a standard household outlet.
  • We do not offer the Short Guy in 240 volt.
  • Punti Door option included if selected in your order
  • Build time is 3-4 weeks, each order is customized to the customers working style. 
  • We will call you or email you to confirm your working style, and finalize your door, rest and programming as we approach your build on the build list.  
  • Call to ask about a custom size in the same 364 cubic inch range for the same cost (length x width x height)

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