Hot Shop Equipment

All equipment is welded steel framing for long life and each piece is custom made by me.   As of 2007 there are 14 of these studios out there still running along with mine that is 8 years old.  My first 2 set ups didn't last very long so i decided to build my own line.
I have put together a shop that is affordable  with low cost in maintenance and operation.  I use all the same equipment in my studio.   I Blow at least 4 days a week with a power bill of 135.00 a month at 7 cents a kw hour on average.  I Have a propane bill of 150.00 a month at 2.05 a gallon.  This is with the furnace running 24/7/365 and a 3 x 6 x 2 foot tall  annealer, a small garage, a large color box, the glory hole and a pick up kiln.