Welded Steel Frame Custom Kilns

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The Glass Hive will build you any size, shape,style of kiln you need.You can have guillotine doors, Flip up doors, or fridge style doors. We use 2 1/2 inch kiln brick for the chamber and high temp board for doors. All frames are welded angle iron steel and Aluminum diamond plate. 

Since there are so many options for this line, we place pricing here for reference and prefer to do the step by step build choices together over the phone so we can be clearly building the kiln you have in your mind. We are very good at helping you arrange chamber shapes for the type of work you are doing, if you are unsure of the best fit.  


(541) 961-6978 

Welded Custom Kilns Include:

  • Fuji Controller
  • Two Punti Doors
  • Stationary V Groove Tube Rest
  • Frame Color of Your Choice
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Tech Support

Welded Custom Kilns Add-ons: (if you process a kiln purchase through the site, add-on items would be invoiced separately. To have it all invoiced at the same time please call in your order/ Either way works for us.)

  •  Additional Punti Doors - $60
  • Adjustable V Groove Tube Rest - $150
  • Extra access doors - Call for Quote
  • Top Load Doors - Call for Quote
  • Foot Actuated Guillotine Door - $500
  • Bell Style Kiln - Call for Quote
  • Train Kiln with Pull out Floor - Call for Quote

Shipping for all Welded Steel kilns is actual freight transportation costs plus a crating fee.  Crating fees are from $75 to $200 based on size.  Transportation costs must be quoted on an individual basis with your zip code.  Freight costs begin around $200, for the lightest builds and closest delivery locations.  Shipping is billed at time of crating.